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Blesamjo-globals Professional Services

What We Do: Supply and Installation of Bamboo Boards/Flooring

We import, supply and professionally install Bamboo Boards (Bamboo Flooring/Bamboo Paneling) for our clients.

Blesamjo Bamboo Board is the highest quality bamboo flooring manufactured using ISO 9002 production management. Our Bamboo Boards is available in both horinzontal and vertical laminations. We also distribute a complete line of accessories and related bamboo products like gift items, cooking and meal utensils as well as toilet covers.

Why You Should Choose Blesamjo Bamboo Boards/Flooring, Hotel/Home Decors, Furnitures and Boards, Kitchen Cabinets and Toilet Covers;

While Blesamjo Bamboo Flooring is suitable for all areas in the house, our flooring gives a wonderfully unique character to commercial projects. Offices & homes, hotels, retail stores and sports centers have all used Blesamjo Bamboo Flooring to great effects.

Like Bamboo itself, Blesamjo Bamboo Flooring is adaptable to a variety of environments. It equally performs well in dry and humid climates. Due to its all-around coating, even wet areas such as Kitchens and Bathrooms can use Blesamjo Bamboo Flooring.

Our Flooring adds Warmth + Elegance to high traffic areas: Hotels,Homes,Offices & Restaurants
Our Doors, Dining Sets, Furniture and Kitchen Cabinets adds a Classic + Graceful Taste of Life ...

Blesamjo’s other professional business interests and services include but are not limited to

  1. IT, Internet and Web Solutions, Supplies and Consultancy Services in partnership with Plusvisuals Technologies Intl.
  2. Hospital and Medical Equipments Supplies in partnership with ENUMEC Integrated Services Intl.
  3. Borehole, Mining and other Geological Consultancy Services in partnership with Polywuchy Ventures Nigeria
  4. Hospitality, Housing  and Estate Development
  5. Building Materials (Ceramic Tiles and Cements).

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We serve you professionally and in time.
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